Here is a guide to buy washing machine in India can be a difficult task and also you have to keep many things in mind before you buy a washing machine in India.

You must also have enough knowledge related to the machines to know which washing machine is most suitable for you and is the best washing machine for you.

Since many people in India don’t have enough technical knowledge related to the machines so they end up buying a product which entirely does not fulfil their needs and become a burden for them.

The machine is basically for easing up our life and also saving our precious time hence we must always gather enough knowledge before buying up any of the products.

In this article, I have tried my best to solve your biggest problem that is how to buy a washing machine that’s why you are here

Go through this amazing article and find some excellent guide to buy a washing machine in India

So before you make any decision related to buying a washing machine there are few things that you must consider which are as follows-

Guide To Buy Washing Machine In India

1- Consider your Load capacity-

For this thing, you must always see the size of your family for this I have made this special guide to help you to understand it easily


Before buying a washing machine you should consider your load capacity needs since it differs with everyone.

As we know singles tend to have less need for load capacity while a small family will have more need and not to mention a large family have the most need for a large load capacity in a washing machine.

In the above Infographic, we have tried to explain through image the relation between kilograms and how many clothes can be fitted in it.

2Is it a semi-automatic or fully-automatic machine? 

A semi-Automatic washing machine is those washing machine which contains two tubs, one for washing and the other for drying.

In Semi-Automatic Washing Machine –

After the washing of clothes is complete you will have to put the washed clothes in the drying tub manually for the drying process.

However, In the automatic washing machine, there is no such need the work is done fully by washing machine itself including washing and drying both.

However, the cost of an automatic washing machine is more than a semi-automatic washing machine.

So, if there is a budget problem, which is extremely normal then my friend you should go for a semi-automatic washing machine otherwise automatic washing machine is best

3Energy Star ratings

Well, we all know in today’s era electrical appliances have made our various daily chores quite easily manageable.

However, the other side of the coin is that electrical appliances can be a major reason in high electricity bill.

So, before buying a new washing machine for your home make sure to consider the Energy star rating.

The washing machine has 4 or 5 energy star ratings usually could save almost 25% electricity consumption.

4Spin cycle

Spin cycle here means spin speed in a washing machine.

The speed at which the tub of a washing machine spins while drying clothes is called spin speed.

While buying a washing machine you should consider the spin speed as the faster will be the spin cycle the more clothes would be drier in less time.

5 – Is it a top or front load

The top load washing machine is a washing machine where the lid is on the top and the laundry is placed from the top.

While in a front load washing machine the lid is in the front and the laundry is placed from there.

In a comparison of prices, the front load washing machines are more expensive than the top load washing machines.

6 Vibration and Noise level

It is quite clear that we are interested in buying a washing machine, not a bomb 🙂

So it is obvious everyone would prefer a washing machine which could work with low noise helpful in maintaining a peaceful environment in the home which is the need of the hour. :-p

7Your laundry area

So, my friends, the article is about a Guide to buy Washing Machine in India not a guide to buy a new home in India.

Jokes apart the main point we want to say is that before buying a washing machine you should keep in mind your laundry space where the machine could be placed easily.

Otherwise, you may have to either return the washing machine or buy a new house where the machine could be placed. 

8The material of the drum

The most important part of the washing machine is the drum.

The drum is area where the clothes get washed and dried

So make ensure that the quality of the drum should be good so that the life of the washing machine could be lifelong.

The varieties are of many kinds from plastic to stainless steel where stainless steel is considered the best.

9 – Consider various brands 

If you have ever gone with our previous articles then you must have noticed that we tried to give you options for washing machines from various brands.

Same thing we will like to say to you all 

That before buying a washing machine look over all the options available so that you could get the cheap and best product.

10Replacement parts and repair

This can be considered as the most important point to keep in mind before buying a washing machine.

Several brands repairing service is not satisfactory and sometimes replacement parts can not be also available at your city.

This problem can quite frustrate you afterwards so make sure to check the repairing service reviews of the company before buying their product. 

The bottom line- The bottom line is that both the top load and front load washing machines are easy to use and easy to handle with less maintenance an all but you have to agree that the front load washing machines are much better in efficiency and performance.

I hope that this guide to buy washing machine must be helpful to you and all your doubts must have been solved.

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Till then have a great day.