Today we will discuss on topic best washing machine under 25000

In 2020 we know that we all are stuck in our homes and frustrated completing household works.

During this corona pandemic, when we know how essential it is to maintain hygiene to stay safe.

The question arises what about the items of clothing which should also be quite clean to present us in a better way and also keep germs away for our health. 

Washing them by hands is the solution?

No way it is a tiring process and time-consuming also; the answer is let the machine oblige mankind from this work.

In this article, we would suggest you all some best washing under 25000 which for sure will free you from the above-mentioned, problem for a lifetime.

Before we proceed further with our list we will like to clear a doubt which should have arisen that why to spend 25000 for just a washing machine?

For that, I would like to answer through a Hindi proverb said by Indian, mothers - 

"  महंगा रोये एक बार, सस्ता रोये बार बार  " 

It means The cheap buyer takes the bad meat.

We are not saying that buying a slight cheaper washing machine is wrong we are trying to say that it is a one-time investment if your budget allows why not go for the best!

Now from below let us allow to present in front of you the list of best washing machine under 25000.


So the first option which we are going to present under the list of Best washing Machine under 25000 is -

best washing machine under 25000

We will surely begin our list with an Indian brand; IFB an Indian brand founded in 1974 whose Headquarters is at Kolkata.

This Washing machine which is also a front-load is a fairly appreciable product which one should give a try.

On Amazon, customers have given it a 4/5 star rating and the machine as the name suggest have 6 Kg capacity and is fully automatic.

Also, the company claims a 4-year warranty on the product and also on the motor of the washing machine.

The warranty claim is an important point which shows that the company give importance to its customers after-sale also.

Besides that, the machine has an RPM ( Revolution Per Minute) or Spin speed of 800. Higher the RPM speed faster the drying speed.

There are 15 wash programs which will cover all type of clothes.

Besides that this one of the best washing machine around 25000 also has Crescent moon Drum feature in which the moon crypts present on the drum surface allows to produce a soft water cushion helps to avert damage to fabrics.

Also, it has a 2D wash system for better soaking and washing of clothes and the Ball Valve Technology helps in the prevention of water making it eco friendly also.

If you buy this best IFB washing machine under 25000, the company will give a free installation which will surely help you to save some bucks.

However, we will be honest here that there can be a delay in installation and demo and other services as said by some of our customers but that problem is one on which company is continuously working to improve.

Now the second machine is-

best washing machine under 25000

This one has known for their technology LG is a famous South Korean multinational company of which we have surely read and listened.

This product of LUCKY GOLDSTAR (LG) as the name suggests has a load capacity of 6 kg is fully automatic and front load which can be considered as a good option in the list of best fully automatic washing machine under 25000.

Let us dive in the features of this best washing machine-

So the product has been a sensation in the market and the customers in Amazon has given it 4.5/5 an appreciable star rating.

It has a 5-star energy rating which makes it energy efficient.

The RPM is 1000 that is amazing giving good wash to clothes and quick drying speed making it one of the best LG washing machines under 25000.

However, as compared to IFB, LG has given an only 2-year warranty on the product but they have covered this drawback fairly enough by giving a 10-year warranty on the motor of the washing machine, of course, they have there terms and conditions also on which you will get this warranty.

Besides that, the washing machine has ten wash programs and has inverter direct drive technology which gives a less jiggling and noiseless performance in washing clothes.

It has an inbuilt fuzzy logic system as asserted by the company which can tell the amount of soap and water required for a good wash by sensing the dirtiness of the clothes.

It has a child lock feature that locks the buttons on the panel of washing machine so the wash cycle you've chosen is not disturbed by a child while if he/she starts playing with the panel of the machine ( helpful for those who have younger ones in the house).

The time delay feature can offer you a delay function in the drying cycle where the maximum delay is 19 hours and the minimum is 3 hours.

This company also give a free installation service.

However, some drawbacks according to some customers are that -

Although the company says that the machine gives a noiseless wash but in reality, it was not so.

But still, it has a good after-sale customer support and still, it can be considered as the best washing machine in India 2020 under 25000.

Here is the next-

washing machine under 25000

Well after Indian and South Korean here Bosch a German multinational company makes an entry in our list of best washing machine under 25000.

The washing machine of Bosch under has the load capacity of 6 kg and the drum volume is 42 litre is fully automatic and front load.

The machine has RPM of 800 less than LG's product but still acceptable.

As the company claims it has super 15'30 program; what is that let us allow to explain this.

So basically this 15'30 wash program is for a quick wash if you are in a hurry to get washed clothes, the company also says that this washing program is one of the shortest wash programs in the market giving that same effective cleanliness.

Besides that, the product Drum is Vario Drum is inbuilt with Multiple water protection and have button features for spin speed selection.

There is also a two-year warranty on the product and ten-year warranty on the motor of the machine.

Customers also have rated it a 4-star rating out of 5 in Amazon.

However, some customers have said in reviews that they faced some problems in after-sale customer services.

That's the issue which Bosch is also trying to resolve completely.

Here goes the next product which can be considered as the best washing machine in India under 25000.

best top loading washing machine under 25000

Another South Korean Multinational company's product entry here SAMSUNG.

This washing machine is although fully automatic but is not front-loading it is a top-load machine.

However, the load capacity is 7 kg which is more than the above three mentioned machines.

The machine which secures a 4-star rating out of 5 in Amazon comes with a three-year warranty on the product.

The warranty provided is more than the product of LG and BOSCHE but less than IFB however they have covered this drawback absolutely by providing a twelve-year warranty on its motor that is an excellent option.

It also saves 40% of energy, reducing the electricity bill by some bucks.

It is also inbuilt with Wobble technology which via its exceptional washing outpour prevents the snarls and twists of clothes and magic dispenser dissolves liquid and powerful detergent keeping the detergent box clean.

The magic filter feature of the machine gathers the flint and fluff of clothes while the intensive cleaning features ensure that the tenacious stain gets yanked.

However, one concern is that the RPM of the machine is 700 which is less as compared to other options.

Free installation option is available with this product of Samsung.

Now the next machine-

best washing machine under 25000

If there is a mention of technology and American not make an entry it's not possible.

Whirlpool an American multinational company presents there washing machine with a load capacity of 7.5 kg.

This washing machine of whirlpool has also got a 4.1 stars rating out of 5 in Amazon by its customers.

Whirlpool provides a three-year warranty on the product and a ten-year warranty on the motor of the washing machine.

A special feature of this machine is that it has an inbuilt heater feature which helps in to adjust the temperature of the water a quite useful feature in winters.

The stain wash program helps to remove stains up to 48 hours so no need to immediate removal not that only as the company claims that the machine could remove up to 50 stains of clothes.

It also has Hexa bloom impeller a feature which makes washing of clothes in a 360-degree wash motion making maximum cleaning of clothes.

The Hot Catalytic Soak segment drenches the clothes in concentrated detergent water solution for a while to loosen the crud of the clothes.

This machine can wash clothes in Hard water also all possible due to its Hard water mechanism and the smart sensors in the appliance can tell about low voltage and water conditions.

Launched in 2018 in the market it was considered as one of the best Washing machine under 25000 in 2018.

Here we will be honest to tell you since for us our viewers are most important it has also the same drawback as Samsung that the RPM of the machine is 360 only.

Till now we have mentioned about one Indian brand that is  IFB here comes another Indian brand -

best washing machine under 25000 in India

Onida Electronics a famous brand name known in every household in the late '90s is an Indian brand.

They are in the washing machine market also and launched this Onida 7.5 kg Fully automatic front-loading Washing machine which has been included in the list of our best washing machine under 25000.

The washing machine has a load capacity of 7.5 kg and the company provides a two-year warranty on the product and five-year warranty on the motor.

It has twelve wash programs giving a wide variety of options for a different type of clothes.

The RPM of the machine is 1200 which is an excellent feature of this washing machine.

The machine also has a child lock feature about which we have already explained its importance.

It also has Foam protection technology a technology which regulates the amount of foam initiated while cleansing of garments that also lets the machine to run further rinsing cycles when required according to the grubbiness of the cloth.

The machine is enabled to run at zero water pressure also as claimed according to the company.

However, one major drawback of the product is that product has received quite a low star rating out of 5 only 3 out of 5. The quality of the machine according to some customers is not up to that mark.

We hope that Onida will try to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Here is the last option of best washing machine under 25000

best washing machine under 25000

At last Japanese technology company makes an entry in our list of best washing machine under 25000.

Panasonic a Japanese multinational company dealing with electronic products launched this product in 2018 having a load capacity of 7 kilograms.

The RPM of the machine is impressable 1200 and the company provides a two-year warranty on the product and a five-year warranty on the motor of the washing machine.

The machine has Inbuilt heater quite helpful feature in better cleaning of the clothes.
Panasonic in this washing machine has provided 16 wash programs that can be considered a satisfactory option.

The drum of this machine is in the shape of Hexa cube which ensures of gentle cleanliness of clothes also gives a good look to it.

The Tub clean feature by which the machine could scour itself ( the tub ) sterilizing the tub after cleaning dirty clothes. 

However, this machine has also received a bit low rating in Amazon - 3.1/5.

So, friends above we discussed 7 different brands best washing machine under 25000 describing their features and drawbacks also.

We hope we would have helped you with finding a suitable washing machine according to your needs.