Searching for the best front load washing machine brand in India?

Then you have landed in the right place.

Now since there are many brands out there in the market and are trying hard to compete with each other each of them wants to give the best washing machine to their customers.

I think now since there are a lot of choices out there in the market hence it is really hard to know even which is the best front load washing machine brand in India.

Everybody wants to buy the best front load washing and that to from the best front load washing machine brand in India.

Your job for the search of the best brand out there in the market has been made simple as we present you the list of 5 best front load washing machine brand in India that leads in the Indian market.

But before that, as there is a universal rule that before doing anything in your life you must at least have some knowledge of it same applies here as you will buy a washing machine one time only not every single month.?

If you don’t know at all about how to buy a washing machine at all and need an ultimate guide then head over to this ultimate washing machine buying guide to clear out your every doubt.

So basically washing machines are of two types that is Front-load and Top load.

So what’s the basic difference between them?

It is simply that a top load washing machine is a washing machine where the lid is on the top and the laundry is put from the top.

Whereas a front load washing machine is a washing machine where the lid is in front and the laundry is placed from there.

So now you must be thinking that which is the best the front load or the top load?

The answer to this question is extremely simple that it depends on you and your budget ultimately.

Ultimately if your pocket is allowing you to go for the front then for sure you must go with that choice because the front load washing machine is much better than the top load washing machine in every aspect.

Now let us dive into our final topic that is which is the best front load washing machine brand in India.

Best Front Load Washing Machine Brand In India.

See as I have described above that there are many front load washing machine brands out there in the Indian market each trying to dominate the Indian market.

But with intense research, we have found out the 5 Best front load washing machine in India.

When it comes to calling out the names of some best washing machine brands especially leading in the front load washing machine appliances field

Then the top 3 leading brands are-

  1. IFB (Indian Fine Blanks)
  2. LG (Lucky Goldstar)
  3. BOSCH

Well now you must be thinking but the article is about the 5 best front washing machine in India.?

Ya, I know that but I am just telling you that these three are the market leaders with a major market share in best washing machine brand front load.

Some other famous brands like Samsung, Whirlpool and Videocon does not lead and have a minor market share out there.

Well based on some factors like features, service, popularity etc we have placed the Whirpool on the 4th and Samsung on the 5th.

Now let me explain to you one by one why these brands deserve there such position on our list.

So let’s start-


best washing machine brand front loader

One of the biggest reason that IFB is at top of our list is that it is an Indian brand.

All the other famous brands like LG, BOSCH etc are of either South Korea, Germany or some other nation other than India.

IFB has continuously improved its products and is still working on innovation and they are improving their product quality more and more so they can fulfil every desire of their customers.

That’s the ultimate goal that every brand has , that is to fulfill the needs of their customers.

One of my acquaintance wanted a front load washing machine and was confused about which brand to choose or go with.

Then finally he trusted the IFB company’s washing machine and was extremely satisfied with the brand and now still after so many years of use he has never experienced any issue with the machine.

That’s the main reason that this washing machine brand is the best front load washing machine brand in India.

If you take good care of these IFB washing machines then they will also last for many years.

Now I think you must have got enough reason why this washing machine brand is on the top of our list of the best 5 front load washing machine brand in India.

Now as there are always two sides of a coin same is with this amazing washing machine brand that is IFB.

Only one drawback of this washing machine brand is that it’s after service is not as good as compared to the other washing machine brands.

But still, the company is trying out to improve itself in various aspects such as innovation and others.

Recently this brand has launched an Alexa enabled 6.5 Kg front load washing machine that means that you can manage the washing machine through your mobile anywhere just buy a voice command of yours.

Now comes the second best washing machine brand front load that is-


Best front load washing machine in India

Now, who must be there who doesn’t know about this German brand founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch.

He wanted a Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in Stuttgart and over here the world-famous and the most trusted brand Bosch was born.

There is one famous quote of Robert Bosch that easily describes the motto of the company-

Never forget your humanity, and respect human dignity in your dealings with others.


To know more about this incredible man journey and how he built such a big global brand watch this entire video of his journey you will also get inspiration.

Bosch keeps on innovating its product to improve their products wash quality, reduce their water consumption and many more so as to fulfilling each need of their valuable customers.

The company is also trying to innovate their wash programs so as to wash the clothes more effectively.

Overall this brand is a leading brand in the best washing machine brand front-load market.

Only there is one drawback of the Bosch washing machines that is if you live in an area where you feel that the water pressure is low or that if your faces any kind of supply issues then rethink your decision of choosing a bosch washing machine once.

But there are very few such kinds of areas that’s a good thing that a lot of buyers can go with a bosch washing machine.

Company is also continuously trying their best to solve out these issues.

Now I think that you have got enough idea that why this brand is in the second position in the market of the front load washing machines and that’s why this brand is also in the second position of our list that is 5 Best Front Load Washing Machine Brand In India.

Now let’s move on towards the third-best washing machine brand front loader that is-


Best Front Load Washing Machine Brand In India

L.G which stands for Lucky Goldstar is a very majestic multinational company dealing in manufacturing of several electronic goods.

It was founded in 1958 as Goldstar.

It was established in the aftermath of the Korean War to provide the nation that was rebuilding with domestically-produced consumer electronics and home appliance.

The company also produced Korea’s first radios, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners.

Later on, the company got expanded and became a global market leader and gained trust all over the world.

To know further about the history of this brand click on here.

Today the brand is extremely famous for the quality of the products it produces.

In the washing machine segment, the company’s products are popular for their durability, high performance and their wide variety of wash programs.

One best thing with this brand is that its customer service is quite extraordinary as compared to other brands. This is the real thing that every customer wants from the company.

All these things such as after-sales service extraordinary products and many more made this brand extremely popular and trustworthy among the customers.

If you are in search of the above points then you must go with the LG front load washing machines.

Let’s move on into our fourth best washing machine brand front loader that is-


Best Front Load Washing Machine Brand In India

The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances.

The company was founded on 11 November 1911, Whirlpool entered the Indian market in the late 1980s as part of its global expansion strategy.

The brand gained a lot of popularity in the following years in the Indian market as well as the global market.

Since we are talking about the best front load washing machine brand in India hence this brand is in the fourth position in our list.

Whirpool is also continuously innovating its products and trying out to give their customers the best products ever.

Whirpool has the patented 6th Sense technology, which means that the machine can automatically sense the load and will fill up the water in the drum accordingly which is an excellent thing.

Recently in few years, the demand of front loader washing machine has rised and customers also wanted to go and try some new brands with some latest technologies and features hence the Whirpool was successful in creating its market and also satisfied the customers need as well.

Overall by seeing the quality, features, excellent wash programs etc this washing machine brands deserves its 4th position in our list of best washing machine brand front load.


Best washing machine brand front load In India

I think that literally, nobody is there in this world who doesn’t know about Samsung or have not heard about this brand ever in their life.

Samsung has a wide range of products from Mobile phones, Semiconductors, Solid-state drives, Televisions, Printers, Speakers, Cameras etc.

Samsung was founded on 13 January 1969; 51 years ago by Lee Byung-Chul.

Samsung has always tried hard to fulfil their customers need and to always overcome up with the challenges this is very well stated with the latest slogan of the company which is “Samsung, Do What You Can’t “.

The main thing about this brand is everyone trust this brand and company have always fulfilled their every promise.

Samsung entered the Indian market in December 1995 and the main USP of the company is that all their products are specially designed for the Indian conditions.

Their excellent team tries their best to make each product the best and the most suitable one for their customers.

Now coming back to the front load washing machines then Samsung is excellent over here also but not as good as the above-mentioned brand like the IFB, BOSCH, LG, and WHIRPOOL.

The company is continuously innovating their washing machines with all new technologies features and wash programs to make the life of its customers easier.

The Samsung washing machines are attractive and good looking washing machines which attracts everyone.

Its machines come with a smart error-monitoring system that detects and diagnose the problem using a smartphone app which is a cool feature.

The Bubble Soak technology of the machine soaks the clothes in bubbles and removes all the stains by loosening them and enabling easy removal.

Overall we know that this the excellent brand out there in the market with its good reputation in the market.

So you can choose from the above-mentioned 5 best front load washing machines brands in India according to your needs.

In the end, I would only suggest you read the article in detail because you will only buy a washing machine only once. It is not a thing which we buy every year so make your sure you choose a correct washing machine according to your need so that you don’t have to regret in the end.

Now I would like to hear from you which best front load washing machine brand in India is prefered by you?

Write down below in the comment section.

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